4 Must-Know Things When Deciding to Take Skin Whitening Oral Supplements

If you have been trying to achieve fairer, and healthier skin for quite a long time now and you find yourself scanning through this article, it only means one thing: whatever you are taking right now isn’t working. You wouldn’t be here if it was.

It is totally normal to not have many skin oral supplements work perfectly on you, even skin lightening treatments may be quite slow to show results. In this article, though, we provide you useful information, answers and tips about taking oral supplements to help you find the perfect skin whitening oral supplement that best suits you.

Here are things you need to know…

How do skin whitening supplements really work?

An effective skin oral supplement will have active ingredients that are specifically targeted at decreasing the amount of melanin in the skin, or at least, reduce your body’s natural production of it. It should help to increase the resilience of skin in its reaction to the effect of the sun’s uv rays and the damages cause by it.

It should work deeply into the skin cells, detoxifying it- combating free radicals, eliminating toxins and therefore, slows down skin aging from the cell level.

At the same time, it also improves skin health overall. It boosts the body’s production of natural antioxidants substances, collagen and elastin.

These are precisely what EstheWhite & EstheShield can provide for you.

How to make sure the skin whitening supplements work?

Taking skin whitening oral supplements is like a promise to yourself. It is not magic. No skin-whitening pill can make your skin fair over night. A sense of commitment should go along after your purchase; this means your intake should be consistent to achieve optimal result. Taking it daily is key!

What are specific actions I should take to get optimal results?

By simply using the supplement consistently, will assure you of better and faster results. Remember to always avoid taking large dosages, because effectiveness doesn’t happen through one big large intake. It happens when you take them the right way, in the right amount and consistently.

Reading the supplements’ instruction and following them is a sure-fire way to keep your health safe.

Does it mean that when I take skin whitening oral supplement, I am allowed to freely bask in the sun as long as I want and not worry about getting dark skin anymore?

The answer is no. Your skin whitening oral supplements will do its part, it is only vital that you do yours too. Prolonged exposure to the sun does more damage to the skin than just darkening it. Extreme sun exposure can cause melasma, hyper-pigmentation, skin cancer and other serious skin issues. Topical sunscreen should not be replaced, rather it should continue to be used along side with the supplements to ensure most comprehensive coverage.

To get the best results out of your supplements, take extra effort to be mindful of your lifestyle too- how you treat your skin, your diet and where you expose yourself.