5 Steps to Fairer Skin

Forking out a big amount from your skincare budget for anti-aging creams and sunscreen lotions is fair way to achieve a fairer, younger looking skin. However, it shouldn’t stop there. Limiting yourself to this way also means limiting the results you can get.

We’ve listed down 5 steps you can easily follow for a maximized fairer and younger looking skin results!

Watch your diet

A good and healthy diet doesn’t only take care of our weight. It is also responsible for our skin’s health.

While most of us know that harmful sun rays and habitual substances intake like alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs are the main culprits of skin damage, dermatologists worldwide know that AGEs or Advanced Glycation End products are responsible for triggering skin damage. This refers to foods that become glycated as a result of exposure to sugars, which is common in our modern diet.

Eat healthy food, and keep yourself from eating junk for healthier skin!

Ease up on the sugar

Sugar is sweet and nice, but it doesn’t always provide sweet and nice long-term results for both our weight and skin condition. Sugary foods prematurely age the skin. In worse cases, it can even result to dullness, discoloration and wrinkles!

Skip the sweeteners, pass on the processed food (they contain lots of sugar!), pick freshly squeezed juice than powdered ones, and lay low from dairy products. You’ll be surprised at how this will improve your skin’s condition in the long run.

Do not sleep with your make up on

Removing your makeup not only allows you to feel fresh and clean, it also has long-term benefits on the skin. Leaving makeup residues on your face could trigger more wrinkle formations, dullness and dryness. It may even block your pores, hence preventing skincare products from being absorbed effectively into your skin tissues, including topical sunscreens.

Never skip the topical sunscreen

For centuries, topical sunscreens have been widely known to be a great skin rescuer. In fact, it is the most important step in anti-aging skincare regimes.

They are available in the market in various forms – lotions, sprays, gels, sticks and balms. You can choose whichever fits your preference.

While topical sunscreens are great skin shields, they are not enough to protect against all of the sun’s harmful radiation. This brings us to the 5th step!

Add an extra layer of skin protection through white tomato oral supplements

When choosing an oral supplement, it pays to choose the one that is backed by significant number of years of research, as they are effective, safe and tested.

Oral supplements infused with carotenoids and herbal extracts may served as excellent support in the sun damage prevention when use together with topical sunscreens.