Colorless Carotenoids – the Latest Breakthrough in Skin Whitening Technology

Carotenoids are commonly known to be found in vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes. They are used by plants to protect against aggressors. The human body is unable to produce carotenoids, but they can be obtained through diet.

EstheWhite’s key active ingredient, PhytoflORAL® is a patented innovative oral supplement derived from a proprietary source of non‐GMO tomato species that are rich in colourless carotenoids – phytoene and phytofluene. These specific carotenoids are known to lighten and even out skin tone through

  • Inhibition of constitutive melanin synthesis (reduces baseline pigment production)
  • fight free radicals to protect our skin from the aging effects of UV light and pollution

These carotenoids are truly colourless: they do not bleach nor stain the skin

An additional ingredient in EstheWhite is L-Cysteine

It has been shown to prevent the production of darker melanin, stimulate the production of glutathione, promote skin renewal and display anti-oxidant effects

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In a clinical study on the effects of colorless carotenoids, clinical scoring by the dermatologist had shown that 60% to 86% of the subjects’ skin quality was significantly improved after 6 weeks and up to 90% of the subjects had improvement in skin dryness, roughness, suppleness, evenness and texture after 12 weeks. The research also showed that after 12 weeks of colorless carotenoids intake, 65% of the subjects‘ skin had a significant 20% increase in the Minimum Erythemal Dose (MED) after UV exposure testing, characterizing a photo-protective effect.

Is It Safe To Take EstheWhite?
EstheWhite is a natural food supplement, that consists of 100% non-GMO, chemically unmodified tomato powder and natural amino acids. There are no known safety concerns, however patients who are allergic or possibly allergic to tomatoes should not take it without consulting their doctor. Pregnant and breastfeeding patients are advised to consult with their obstetricians prior to commencing.